Year: 2014

Location: VelikoTarnovo, Bulgaria

Tutors: Andrej Zikic, SanjaMilanov, Marko Brkic

Participants: TeodoraNinova, Marie Sondergaard, Trina Gaard, KatjaToivola, SemeliSivonen, Peter Philippeau, Lado Khudjadze, Kuba Ulbrych, Laura Becker, Lucia Calleja, Joanna Rys, Kitty Birne, Samir Rogti, Alvaro Gomis, Hugh O’Rourke.


Lots of art forms are connected with different type buildings, structures and landscaping. Graffiti is one of the types of art that is tightly related with architecture. It’s a wonderful synthesis of volume and plane objects, 3D and 2D, that creates a new emotional and physical space.

“City is my playground” is one of the workshops held during EASA 2014 in Bulgaria. VelikoTarnovo was decorated with a graffiti full of youth spirit. The city had become the imaginary playground for the group of artists from different countries. The result is magnetic, surrealistic and colorful spaces.

The roots of the project appeared much deeper than I expected. It has started as a one day workshop during EASA 2011 in Helsinki Finland. Since than it takes place in a program of assembly and we can even say became a traditional for it.

All the art works are full of youth spirit thematically, visually and conceptually. For the first look one of them is a bit strange to be seen in this group. This one is “Wise Man”, though the art work is a result of play with perspective and color, the theme of old wise man is unexpected and surprising at the beginning. But, after several looks you can catch the youth sparkles in his eyes and everything becomes clear. Location and environment chosen for the graffiti by authors is amazing.

“…it is said that wise man always live in hidden and far away places, apart from the world, in a place that is quiet and calm, a place where you can hear your thoughts and think in peace. The location they’ve found was perfect for this – far away from the city, separated from everyday rush and city life…”

Massive concrete blocks under the bridge across the river which are surrounded with green. The deep violet of “Wise Man” gives a contrast with any summer or winter colors that can be expected around him. Three independent parts can be united into full image from the exact point of view.

Almost all the works are dynamic, if not there can be felt the readiness to begin some physical, emotional or intellectual action. From my point of view each of them is a fantastic result of team work and individual thought.

Amazing final presentation is here:


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Author: Tata Alkhazashvili



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