Author of project: Masho Margishvili

Cunsultants and Studio Sami team: Giorgi Margishvili and Manana Mikashavidze

Client: Christina’s Saigon

Location | Map: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Photo Credit: Thu Nguyen

3D visuals: Hung Phan

Constructioin supervision: Hung Phan team | Christina’s Saigon team


“Studio Sami” unites three generation of architects, the name of company was chosen considering this fact, as “sami” means three in Georgian. The result of their joint effort is the interior on Christina’s Saigon office, the regional representative of international booking company airbnb. The design was prepared during the period when the member of the team Masho Margishvili was living in Ho Chi Minh City, in collaboration with Vietnamese colleagues on site and distance consultations by “Studio Sami”. The planning of the office is free and open. The vertical connection with lower level of moto-auto parking and upper multi-function levels is solved comfortably, same with the yard.

The biggest part of the furniture is also designed by Masho Margishvili. Each piece is adjusted for particular place and function.

Adventurous artist has got various – social, cultural and professional experience during working in Vietnam. The Christina’s Saigon office interior is the part of this experience as well. IDAAF has contacted the team and prepared an interesting interview.

– We can’t see any traditional working desks in the interior, what did lead to the development of the concept to this direction?

– airbnb needed the base in Vietnam, where the processed would be regulated and employees would work together. The space had to be multinational and had to include following in itself: reception, working space, kitchen/bar, relaxation and alternative zones. The resting spots for the employees had to be in the same area too, as in Vietnam they have a habit like Spanish siesta – to have a rest during the working day and lay wherever they are. This is why the hammocks and some places for nap are essential.

The client gave me the freedom. Everything had to be friendly, such that the incoming guests to feel themselves right at home.

– What was the old function of the location, we can see the interior is a result of renovation and how was the process going on?

– The building is rather new. As for this specific space, it had a function of the office are previously too. The walls painted white, ceiling multileveled – so that one of the company employees, with the height of 190cm, literally had a ceiling on top of his head. The first thing I suggested was the removal of this suspended ceiling. After demolition was done the web of diagonally installed cables, badly fixed piping and a total mess was uncovered. Though, the good thing was that the ceiling height appeared much bigger than expected and this is when I offered the client the loft type interior design.

This is the stage when the consulting group of “Studio Sami” from Tbilisi has been involved. At the same time I had to cooperate with Vietnamese team tightly, as I needed to find all necessary materials at the local market. It appeared quite a difficult work from this point of view. It happened so, that the project was not still completed when I left to Tbilisi, i began consulting from other country after this point. I was planning to paint a mural on one wall, but did not have enough time unfortunately.

– In which part of the city is Christina’s Saigon office located?

– The building is allocated in a very interesting part of the city. Here before, the drug dealers and criminals in general were very actively gathering, the place was a dark block. It is about seven years yet, since tourists started actively come to this district, as it is in 7 minute walk from one of the most interesting part of the city. This has led to the popularization of the location, locals have started renting the rooms and houses, therefore the need of safety has increased, and police became more active. This part of the city developed naturally. The settlement is very interesting from this point of view too.



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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