“The earth, everything we see around us is a pure magic – it is absolutely clear for me”.

Giorgi Chkheidze (Chkheo) is an Georgian artist who was concerned by art in his early childhood. The fact that his grandfather was a sculptor much influenced on his future decision to be an artist. His artistic career began with painting, but he does his works in many other ways for now. “When I was a child it seemed to me that the painting as a process was art. Lately I’ve realized that art and artistic way of life more complicated than it seemed. To say as a Kiefer did “Art is difficult, its not entertainment”. And it is pure truth. It doesn’t really matter if you paint really well, as well as to have good ideas. The art is a complex thing, as I mentioned above it is very complicated. To do art was my wish as a child, but the decision to live with an art I’ve decided lately, about ten years ago”.

His creative works are defined by personal experiences and socio-cultural heritage of society. It is always interesting to mix old with new.



He created some series of works such as Social network girls, Metaphysical city, Metaphysical landscape, Stealing beauty.  They were presented in Georgia and abroad. His last exhibition conducted in New York in 2015.  “There was established Georgian fashion and art at “Georgian days” in New York organized by Agriculture Development Agency. Besides fashion and art we get for Americans a Georgian wine”. 

His way of working as well as the materials he uses are unlimited. He uses everything he needs: random things, traditional mediums…

“I’m artist of my thoughts and ideas and you never know what kind of art I do. I mean it is not defined by genre. I’m attracted by charm of contemporary art, it has no borders… For me the most inexhaustible genre in painting is abstraction and Earth is an infinite source of inspiration. For example, nothing is more abstract than to sit on a plane look from there on incredible reliefs, landscapes… Magic surrounding us and it can be used in various ways by artist, to take advantage, divide and maintain in dozens metaphysical visuals… I’m just working on issue that is called Conflict and Genesis. The idea is that at the very beginning there was conflict and the conflict was source of beauty…”

Artist lives on his works – “To do art is a job for him. It is very difficult to live on art today in Georgia, but either I was lucky or I’m just doing my job right. I collaborate with foreign managers and my works are selling out of Georgia, but it was also sold here recently… Georgian artist needs education, courage, protector. We need to have school which leads us the freedom of thoughts and freedom itself. We need to be supported by government. Unfortunately, there is no one in government who will value and appreciate art itself and helps to develop it. As a matter of fact we are talented people, but talant can’t be used if it is not progressed. Progress need promotion, education and love of art… very complicated.”



Giorgi’s abstractions feature his artistic response in evoking the collective consciousness experienced in that location in a structural and spiritual manner. Sometimes he does social issues too. “In Soviet Union there was officially established Socrealism, but it was not obstacle for real artists to create pure art without limits and status. It is not about that art is social or it should be, but still sometimes I create something very social, yes”.

His works are saved in private collections almost on every continent.




Author: Dodochi Gogia




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