Workshop: CHAOTIUM

Location: River Yantra, Veliko Tarnovo.

Year: 2014

Tutors: ReinisSokolovs,Laura Birina, ElēnaŽubure.

Participants: Oleksandra Kryvtsova, Alexandr Kulikov, Ljudmilla Georgijeva, Natalija Zafiroska, DimitraJ ovanovska

Photo by: Alexandra Kononchenko, Reinis Sokolovs, AlexandrKulikov.

Special thanks to: IneseRudzāte, KrišjānisGulbis, LāsmaOzola, Katerina Romanova and Katrina Belaya.

workshops: Onion, Small interventions, Eye the dot dot the eye.


The name of workshop, as well as a title of any art work, can identify lots of aspects that have been put into the one. “Chaotium” – is the project about Chaos, even a process of performance and creating of it has been a bit messed and did not match the first plan. You can find the description of project submitted by the author below. It perfectly shows idea and concept of workshop, no one can write about it better than author.


“A state of things in which chance is supreme.

The inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system in unrepeatable and unique order.


Idea of workshop was to use Chaos as a concept to show the uniqueness of VelikoTarnovo. As a living organism, city and its inhabitants are always in motion, they interact with each other and every interaction makes it different. Since the Chaos is something unique and unrepeatable, we would use it as a zeitgeist to reveal symbiotic relationship between people and the city at this very point.

Plan was to use sociological research for one symbiotic quality that would be chosen by participants. After all info is gained – workshop would use an algorithm to make unique pattern that would apply to landscape of VelikoTarnovo. As higher the quality is as more dense cluster of dots.

Everything changed after colliding with Yantra workshop. Their concept was an exploration of the Yantra – river that surrounds the city. And after all info is gained they would make performance out of it. Chaotium changed the subject to flow of the river.

They already had found location – glorious abandoned dam over the river which now mostly serves as fishing point for the locals. On the dam Yantra guys proposed a triptych of the river Yantra: The River as an instrument, as a place for rituals and as an ecosystem. “Ecosystem” part was the one where Chaotium installation took a place – in one of two machine rooms with huge rusted metal gears.

The result was a performance and installation where locals where invited and revitalizing this neglected part of the city, even if it was momentarily.”


Simplicity of materials used and the combination of them creates the individuality of the project (handmade paper balls, fishing string, wooden frame and UV light). The result was amazingly beautiful and attractive. Glowing spheres hanging in the darkness, in daylight appear white and clear objects surrounded by half-destroyed structure. I can even imagine how, a sound of the Yantra River makes the sense of this Chaos stronger. Perfect location for unexpected and calm,disordered but managed art.




You can find the final presentation video here:


Author: Tata Alkhazashvili





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