The third event of Startup Market: “Design Market” was held in Hyppodrome Park on July 17. There were presented the works of three designers:  Anuka Tavartkiladze, IAAI (Ia Kutateladze) and Sandro Lominashvili in the shopping space.

It is worth to note that the works of the all three designers are conceptually refined and close to the tendencies of modern design, though works of Sandro Lominashvili were probably more comfortable and easy to use; In the works of Anuka Tavartkiladze and Ia Kutateladze could be seen more accent on the visual side of the work than on the functional one.

All chairs were made with steel, with each of them presenting itself as an original, different and very interesting composition.



Design: IAAI (Ia Kutateladze)

The chair is created with the different thicknesses of lines. The shapes are simple, very linear and their unity creates the slight asymetrical and playful character.


Design: IAAI (Ia Kutateladze)

The chair is created with the combination of vertical lines; their unity makes the circle – full moon and at the same time half shape of circle – new moon.


Design: IAAI (Ia Kutateladze)

The structure of the chair is made with the outlined shape of metal. Combination of parallel lines capped with see-through surface create multiple layers of visible depth.


Design: Sandro Lominashvili

This design was influenced by tubular steel bent chair “B40” designed in 1925 by Marcel Breuer for TECTA.


Design: Sandro Lominashvili

The form of the chair is based upon the wooden “Zig-Zag” chair by Garrit Rietveld for Metz & Co. It is a part of the seriers based on designs from the first half of 20th century.


Design: Sandro Lominashvili

The design of this chair is referencing the 1926 classic cantilever chair “S33” by Mart Stam fot Thonet. The main body of the chair is made from a single section steel tube.


Design: Anuka Tavartkiladze

Gemini – Twin chairs which have minimalist design, with extraordinary four legs. The main frame combined by steel pipe are painted in black. Chairs have geometrical look.


Design: Anuka Tavartkiladze

Bench is synthesis of Gemini chairs itself. Half part of the chair is totally covered with steel sheet and another half is created with vertical steel pipes which are welded to each other.


Author: Nuka Zurashvili




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