Project: 3/4 CHAIR

Author: Sandro Lominashvili

Implemented by: ArchDesigne

Photo by: Kikala Studio

Year: 2014



Chair – an item of daily use.

Chair 3/4 – the design product!

3/4 with its present state was firstly presented at London Design Festival 2014. SandroLominashvili has started making design of specific items and interior design not long ago. He’s profession is machine engineering and this definitely helps him to solve some issues related with design process. Author does not have a general and framed concept, as he thinks that each and every client, manufacturer and project itself is specific and requires an individual approach.

The case of 3/4 is totally different. The client for a designer is the author himself, the author said during interview with IDAAF:“First of all the concept had to be interesting for me. The item had to become a design product, which would be different from all chairs I have ever seen before.”

Metal was chosen as a material for its’ physical parameters, which were completely suitable to idea. It’s available on a market and handled easily. Material is perfectly chosen for realization of main idea of minimalism.

How could you manage to balance the function and stability of the chair design?

“There were two interesting things, during working with 3/4 – creation of instability illusion and achievement of balance, at the same time. Chair has to be stable, otherwise it cannot be functional. From the other hand, visual attraction is the leading component of design.”

The presented chair is a prototype. It’s the third option and one of them serves the designer during 6 months already.Author wants to perform a serial production of 3/4 and is actively working at this subject. At the same time he’s involved in a design process of different products. The author has lots of future plans about work in design!





Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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