Mananiko kobakhidze is a talented and promising 22 -year-old astronaut. Yes , she calls herself an astronaut , and let it be so – astronaut in art. She always flies, searching for inspiration further than galaxy and as she mentioned in the interview, she finds inspiration in everything from moving trees to melodies. However, her main catalysts are mom and friends, also an important role belongs to her doggy – Ruri.

Mananiko is a student of Tbilisi Academy of Arts, faculty of fine arts, field of poster design . I know that in the nearest future, the city will be full of cool and attractive posters all of which will be her work.

Like all artists, Mananiko also has its her own source of inspiration. At this age it’s hard to flee from the influence of those people whose work you like the most. It is even wrong to try not be like anyone else in the process of learning, so I think we should follow our icons and when we are ready and have accumulated the necessary knowledge, it will be possible to create create individual and distinctive artwork, which will become your trademark.

Anyway, Mananiko has people, from whom she takes her inspiration, especially photographers, who in her opinion, most sharply expresse emotions : Helmut Newton, Antonio D’Agata and many more …
“I’m trying, not only in photoes, but also in my paintings, to show emotion or indifference of my conscious or subconscious, movement and statics. By shooting abandoned and uninhabited places creating photo collages I tried to convey the emotions, which lead me to this phenomenon, but this project is not finished yet, because I have a lot to explore. As for astronauts and their daily problems, it’s me and my everyday life, I am a person who loves being hidden and at the same time diving deep” – notes Mananiko

Her achievements already include: “The Town of Bremen Musicians” at State Youth Theatre and “8 loving women” at Liberty Theater, which is not so insignificant for a 22-year-old girl.
Mananiko also confessed her wish to me: she wants her works to make people smile and I would like to wish her dream to come true sooner so that our society does not stay frowned forever. As for future plans, as all the artists (and not only them) she too wants to go abroad and deepen her knowledge .

Mananiko is very young but not so young to start the battle to find her place in this field. She has to go through a long way to reach perfection, to be satisfied with herself, but if you have a goal, work hard and are kind to others, you will have astonishing adventures in life!
Mananiko’s works can be viewed at her blog , and keep in mind , if you need to design posters or other similar things, mananiko can definitely surprise you.



Author: Nanuka zaalishvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze



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