Dead Places in Tbilisi and How to Revive Them

“It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.” – David Attenborough (Planet Earth II) BEGINNING While the laureate of the highest architectural award, the Pritzker Prize 2016, Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena sees a solution to […]

Interesting Siteplans Of Georgia Seen From The Satellite

  This problem does not really concern developed countries, but if we take us, we should really be concerned about the planning problem. The main drawback is exactly the fact that it simply does not exist at all. Towns and villages are developing on their own, depending on the will of a specific citizen. Everybody […]

Tornike Abuladze Artworks

Artworks: TornikeAbuladze Photo by: Kathi Kastl Music by: Giorgi Janiashvili   Painting – which is not just an interesting color spectrum or a simple superficial fine art. It expresses a deep meaning, theme and mood. This is what makes it so attractive from a first random glance. The fully comprehended answers by author makes his […]

Ctrl+Z (Geodesic Geometry)

Workshop: Ctrl+Z (Geodesic Geometry) Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Year: 2014 Tutor: Gianluca Stasi Participants: Afonso Miranda (Portugal), Alexander Tibari (Moldavia), Alina Sidarevich (Belarus), Ana Bertol (Spain), Anna Maslova (Russia), Cecile Vendeure (France), Elizaveta Chuhlantseva (Russia), Eva Logonder (Slovenia), Marcela Raczova (Slovakia), Marco Simsio (Finland), NastyaBelousova (Russia), Sandra Hurek (Poland), Victoria Paova (Bulgaria) Photo: Alexandra Kononchenko, Gianluca […]


Workshop: CHAOTIUM Location: River Yantra, Veliko Tarnovo. Year: 2014 Tutors: ReinisSokolovs,Laura Birina, ElēnaŽubure. Participants: Oleksandra Kryvtsova, Alexandr Kulikov, Ljudmilla Georgijeva, Natalija Zafiroska, DimitraJ ovanovska Photo by: Alexandra Kononchenko, Reinis Sokolovs, AlexandrKulikov. Special thanks to: IneseRudzāte, KrišjānisGulbis, LāsmaOzola, Katerina Romanova and Katrina Belaya. workshops: Onion, Small interventions, Eye the dot dot the eye.   The name […]

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