Cafe Linville is located in downtown Tbilisi, Leselidze street, one of the old buildings,  which has a status of an architectural monument. The second floor is occupied by the cafe’s cozy and colorful environment, and unless the main entrance has been painted recently by Tamoonz, it would not be easy to detect. Cafe owners are artist couple: Keta Ghvinepadze and Luka Chkhaidze and it is their profession that helped them create this exceptional interior design and accordingly the environment, which adds to the unique vintage style of this place.

Linville consists of several rooms, 200 sq.m space, in which various sizes and designs of tables are placed non-densely. Floral fabric instead of wallpaper is pasted on the walls, which doubles the comfort of the interior. In addition, the painted ceiling of the ancient and restored building has been there since construction. Tables, chairs, sofas and shelves represent the main furniture. It’s all about Luka and Kati collected these from various second-hand markets, after the restoration returned them back to a new life and made them an integral part of Linville. The interior is full of things that have a great history: the mirror carved frame, the piano, which has technical problems, everyone thought would never produce sounds, but now is the author of the most melodic chords,on it TV-aquarium is located with a chubby fish and other interesting things, which create cafe Linville, a place where you can enjoy comfort and diversity. The interior especially comes alive with its pot plants on the window panes. The atmosphere here is always calm, a little melancholic music and tango lessons are held on Sundays for more diversity. A small balcony should also be mentioned, hidden in vine leaves, which is very comfortable for relaxing on hot summer days.

The cafe welcomes visitors from 12.00 to 02.00 every day and guarantees their pleasant mood. These photos illustrate those details that make this place so extraordinary and interesting.





Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English edit: Nutsa Namoradze

Photo: Ninuca Kakabadze





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