Author: “Georgian Project” 

(Magda Goliadze, Kote Meparishvili)

Location: Sataplia Nature Reserve

Total Area: 396 m2

Year: 2010


To be a good architect have a proper education is not enough, you should also know lots of norms, standards, rules, procedures and even have millions of ideas. Necessary thing is to have an ability and feeling how to give the idea exact and right direction of development. These artists definitely have it.

This is the case when two antipode individuals work together perfectly. From one side we have crazy ideas, sketches etc. and from another side balanced, more exact and pragmatic sensibility. Really perfect fusion.

And so I close with general overview and go to specific artwork that was done during my working period with these two companies named “Georgian Project”. “Infrastructure Development Project of Sataplia Nature Reserve”, the theme itself is quite interesting with a scale, location, function etc. They showed their best relation and respect to Architecture during the work together with the project team. The result shows it clearly.

The complex consists of many interesting components. They are not only buildings or architectural forms. It also includes caves, dinosaur foot prints and beautiful national park itself, treasures of our country.

All the volumes are maximally scaled to the landscape in general and to exact area of the forest, same with used materials. The small changes and inaccuracies done during the building process do not spoil the picture. It has to be mentioned that this project is quite successful in this case. The team of builders had a healthy attitude to architectural project and whole process, really the thing to be announced loudly in our reality.

My favorite is Café,

Building is placed along the cozy dipped segment of forest. It’s both a part of  big complex concept and at the same time separate object of architecture, having its own individuality.

The dominating theme of building that develops the shape itself is multi surface faceted roofing together with irregular inclined supports. Roof and other components of café are built with materials that do not catch the eye and blend with surrounding. The building lies almost parallel to the segment of path leading to it, but not that much to be a boring continuing of the former. This fact also contributes to the volume of café not to be too outstanding and be in harmony with surroundings.

The building has several phases of content, specifically from void to solid. First is absolutely void terrace, which is formed only from segment of roof and number of irregular supports. Supports visually mix with surrounding trees. Than there go two level balconies, transparent glazing that forms the interior and last is the volume created with segment of roof touching the ground. The building is firmly standing on the ground and light at the same time.

In general Café same as other buildings in complex is the result of analysis of task given by client and content meaning of buildings to be designed by the exact authors of project and all members of team. Fortunately, one of the main parts of design process is not missing. Together with the ability to decide hard technical issues related to common working process difficulties, architect also needs some passion to his work to do it well.

Today and always, it’s really hard not to be greedy to get some material or social profit and stand your position. Probably these fundamentals are the reason, that Magda and Kote have their own individual practice now and trying to be as far as possible from some obstruction factors to creating of real architecture.

Architecture has to be created not only for function, but for comfort, mood, pleasure, development of unforgettable memories. And of course architect has to enjoy the process itself from the very first sketch till the last brick on site.



Author: Tata  Alkhazashvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze







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