It has almost been a year since Cafe “Bauhaus” was added to the list of interesting places.

This cozy place is located near Gudiashvili square, on Abo Tbileli street. Cafe owner and the author of the interior are young architects, EleneKvintradze and Elizabeth Zautashvili. They are also designers of   tables, racks and lights. The rest of furniture and other interesting details have been purchased at second-hand markets. For example, the old scales which is no longer used for its original purpose of course.

Actually, one can come across a lot of things in this cafe, origin of which is difficult to guess, but the designers’ creative solutions make them usable in a new way. For instance, most probably everybody remembers a triangular bucket on the old Soviet fire stands. At first glance this completely useless subject turned into a case and makes the façade attractive with green plants.

As for the interior design: walls are white, there are just a couple of lamps used for illumination. While selecting the furniture, maximum simplicity was sustained. Here the table in which a lemon tree grows is the most popular among guests. The fireplace should also be noted which boasts with its special coziness and is separated from the rest of the space with a low table and some soft armchairs.

Bauhaus is mostly a place for young people’s gathering – a lot of interesting dishes and alcohol. It also attracts with different activities, for instance vegan days, amateur cooks’ dishes, electronic music events, film screenings, etc.

Just to describe it with a few words, I would say: exceptional, non-standard, diverse and creative.




Author: Tata Gachechiladze

English edit: Nutsa Namoradze



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