Project: Burgio – Burger Bar & Drinks

Location: Amaghleba str. Tbilisi, Georgia.

Design: IDAAF Architects

Area: 16 sq.m

Year: 2016


16 m 2 basement, which was selected for Burgio bar, apparently, is smallest cafe in Tbilisi. It is located in Amaghleba str. Sololaki and design belong to the young architect duo from Tbilisi  IDAAF Architects.

The customer’s wish was to have cafe for burgers, bathroom and a small kitchen. In the beginning the idea seemed little bit unrealistic because of the lack of space. However the project started anyways and the work was divided in stages.

The first task was to clean the area from unwanted parts; as a result one meter deep space was discovered under the floor. At the same time small spaces were found in a west and southern walls, where gas and sink were placed. For the next stage cleaned area was planned carefully. On the southern side of the bar toilet and kitchen was added and in front of them bar table with the white tiles was installed. East and west walls are used for the guest tables. It should be noted that the bar can fit 10 people comfortably. You can see shelves on your left when you enter, where Burgio made goods are presented.

Interior design is a simple composition, which combines old Georgian brick walls; blue tone determined walls, wood and metal materials. Flooring and furniture are all wooden, ceiling is white. The lamp on the west wall is a combination of metal pipes, their joints and bulbs in the endings. Swamp green lights above the bar were settled, and the dark blue tone of the wall behind it is seen.

Burgio is a good example how to turn dirty tiny basement into attractive and interesting public place. It confirms that there is hope for every space.

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