While composing  this article, the good part was that a lot of buildings in Tbilisi turned out to be  attractive and very sophisticated. Nor is the city lacking a diversity of architectural styles and writing about them is a great pleasure. The bad news, however, is that there is a larger number of ugly buildings than beautiful ones. Although we focused on the city centre, still could not avoid those tasteless buildings, which result from the collaboration of non-professional architects and stubborn clients.

These are 10  ugliest and 15 most beautiful buildings in Tbilisi:


10  Ugliest Buildings in Tbilisi

10. Residential Complex near “300 Aragveli” underground station

Pay attention to how pale yellow facade harmoniously suits blue glass. Tbilisi is said to have the most wonderful views, especially if you look out of the verandas covered with metal grates.

9. University “SEU”

Initially, this building was just nondescript and ugly. After it was crowned with a scrap construction, the building has already become outstandingly ugly

8. Residential building behind the  School #1

This “monster” sits on top of the first school and completely blocks the view of Mtatsminda. With its inappropriate design and architecture which is absolutely tasteless for this century, it distorts the center of town and is a miserable thing with its dumbly colored facade.

7. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts 

It would be ugly for the suburbs as well, but I wonder why  Academy of Art has building like this  located in the city’s historic part – this is the question which has remained unanswered for years.

6. “Wissol” building in Chavchavadze Ave.

The city is divided in two parts while assessing this building. Some claim that it looks like a banana, while others stubbornly insist that itis more like a cake. I’m somewhere in the middle, I suppose it is a banana cake which I want to devour and make it vanish.

5. “Center Point” Residential complex in Chavchavadze Ave.

The construction company “Center Point” has introduced its another masterpiece and what we would call – a hipster building in the city, especially with sophisticated black and gray tones, harmoniously reflected in the architecture. By the way, if you see a crane behind, do not suppose that it is still in use. It was just left behind, because the complex was built around it and therefore it could not be extracted from the whole scene afterwards. #Professionalism

4.  “Center Point” Residential complex in Vera

Construction company “Center Point” once built a yellow building, it has already faded however and so, it makes Tbilisi horizon even “more attractive”. Famous critics awarded this building an eclectic style, with its variety of forms and their harmonious synthesis. In City Hall it is being gossiped that this building is expected to receive a status of monument.

3. Casino “Shangrila”

We decided to evaluate this building using a 10 -point scale (if it might be called a building at all):

Environmental Adjustment: -100

Architecture / Design: -10

Environmental Adjustment: -100

Vanity of the world: -10

Environmental Adjustment: -100

Love and Understanding: -10

Environmental Adjustment: -100

Function (in this part of the city): -1000

Environmental Adjustment: -100

2. Tbilisi Mall

You can’t leave or arrive to the city without noticing this “high-quality” building, which welcomes everybody with its colors. It was constructed by “Rakeen Development” several years ago. Even if we do not mention the interior design, it will be unfair not to emphasize the facade colored by nursery school children, with very simple, rectangular shapes. One quote defines this building very accurately: “All genius is simple, but everything that is simple, is not genius”.

1. “Kare” Building

Unconditional and unrivaled leader of this list is “Kare” building in David Agmashenebeli alley aka the “spiral”. Observe how refined each of  these spiraled lines is. We should also mention the architectural composition, which obviously has a very clear concept and therefore perfectly suits this place. Look at how accurately the character of the environment has been seized by the architect and how this building refines and complements the surroundings.


15 Most Beautiful Buildings in Tbilisi

15. Shopping Center “PIXEL” on Chavchavadze Ave.

Architect: Wandel Hoefer Lorch

Year: 2008

14. Residential Complex on Chavchavadze Ave.

Architect: Studio ARCI/ Rati Chomakhidze

Year: 2013

13. National Bank on Airport Highway

Architect: Studio Arci / T.Kvantaliani , R.Khetashvili, Q.Chanturia
Year: 2013

12. Czech Embassy 

11.  Former Marriage Palace

Architects: Viktor Jorbenadze, Vazha Orbladze
Cosntructor: Givi Pitskhelauri

10.  Housing and Office Building on Abuladze str.

Architect: Studio ARCI 
Year: 2007-2008

9. Melik Azarianci Building

Architect: N. Obelinski

Year: 1900

8. Former Building of National Bank

7. The 6th School on Asatiani str.

Architect: Alexander Ozerov
Year: 1893

 6. House of Justice

Architect: Masimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Year: 2010-12

5.  Office Building

Architect: Architectural Bureau
Year: 2012

4. Ministry of Justice

3. Avetik Ghukasiani House

Architect: Paul Stern

2. Prosecutor’s office

Architect: Architects of Invention

Year: 2012

1. Bank of Georgia

Architect: Giorgi Chakhava, Zurab Jalaghonia.

Year: 1975


Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nino Namoradze

Cover Photo:  Bryan Solarski


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