There’s no doubt we are expecting to get good and quality music when new music albums come out. This is important factor for the album to succeed, but let’s not forget about album cover. It’s not only good for storing and safety reasons, but also tastefully made pictures, paintings or just simple texts on it will catch buyers eyes, attract them and make them want to buy it. Like book cover it should show us story behind music, its concept, promote it, should make music identifiable. It’s the cover that’s the most memorable and it can even become artist’s trading mark. Like it was with “sex pistols”; pink and yellow colors used in their 1977 year album cover grew into their style. Cover artwork had become a field in art for quite a while and the listeners are expecting it along the music with great interest.

2015 was quite interesting with album covers. As was expected musicians delivered tasteful music with original artwork, some artist’s albums were full of surprises and some were plain weird.

IDAAF presents 12 best album artworks of 2015:


1. Petite Noir: La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful

Artwork completely expresses concept of the music, where strive for freedom is felt. Artist on the picture disregards the gravity and frees himself from its shackles.

2. FKA Twigs: m3ll155x

The greatest Photoshop artwork of all times. She became idol of musical fashion and image empire  that she created around herself. Worthy design from the very talented artist to express her mysterious melodies.

3. Arca: Mutant

Artist’s previous work was known for its aggressive, colorful impulses. The designer of new album Alejandro Ghersi pushes back these rawer edges, brings it into feral space. Hair-like arcs make the red mutant more horrible, but not so awful to make you hate it. If you look closely, you may even become friends with it.

4. Lupe Fiasco: Tetsuo & Youth

Nowadays, when image is everything, artist not being on the cover of his album and using piece of modern art instead is a strong statement. Lupe Fiasco coped with this task successfully, he even gave us one of the interesting designs.

5. Earl Sweatshirt: I Don’t Like S**t I Don’t Go Outside

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to express oneself. Young artist uses exactly this method for cover design and sets the tone for the first notes of the album, which design makes more mysterious.


6. Father John Misty: I love you, Honeybear

Bright pastel colors, Virgin Mary and child and the storybook feeling makes album seem very relaxing. However if you look closely, you’ll realize that all the animals on it are monsters. Before confronting you with dark reality, cover draws you in with its imaginary warmth.

7. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: After

Album cover is noteworthy for its simplicity. It consists of three main components: sky, mountains and golden wheat field; mystery is added in form of a woman under a bright red cover and a stiff looking man in a white shirt observing the woman’s form.

8. Tame Impala: Currents

Design belongs to Robert Beatty. He worked together with the musician, Kevin Parker. While thinking about the theme of the album and visualizing it, Kevin remembered turbulent flow, storm; the way liquid or air flows around objects. Cover was created inspired by this idea, it conveys the concept of the album perfectly.

9. Snoop Dogg: Bush

Album cover is quirky. Picture is mainly in green colors, among the trees and the bushes is only one blue dog, which is chewing on the bush. Uncle Snoop is donning a different style: he refuses to show us usual gold chains, super cars and models and presents cover design as one of the interesting patterns in modern digital art.

10. Ava Luna: Infinite House

Artists dedicated the name and the design of the album to partly ruined labyrinth-like house they stayed at while being in Benton. As we can see in a cover and music artists put their all in creating this album. The picture is fascinating and while looking at it you feel like you’re lost and can’t find your way back.

11. Protomartyr: The Agent Intellect

Group’s every new album is extraordinary and the new one isn’t an exception either. Album is named after ancient philosophical question, how does mind function in relation to personality. Cover echoes exactly this theme.

12. Dutch Uncles: O Shudder

Design is minimalistic and attractive at the same time. Used colors are bright but it doesn’t irritate you. At first look picture seems light and relaxing, but after listening to the album you discover that it’s not entirely like this and is heavy with such serious themes like: terrorism, divorce, love, doubt and health related problems. Who would have thought that behind the ball thrown into the pool and the springboard would be such serious themes.


Author: Meri Khamkhadze




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