RiaKeburia, designer from Georgia, who after being on International Communications, entered Design School in Paris, as she said it, was a good beginning. She took her steps in fashion world a while ago, as I’ve seen previous creations, it would be fair from my side to mention, how this person is “giving a new life” not only to Georgian market, but also to abroad industry of fashion.

I want to introduce, new collection made with soul of childish happiness and resolved in pastel colors. For the very first time it was shown in Moscow while Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Actual title “Bebe” ss/15 perfectly visualizes the clothing itself.

Conceptual and comprehensive, this are two words that would emphasize the attitude of Ria’s designs. From the very beginning I saw the collection, it was easily admitted that every girl’s wardrobe needs it immediately. Connection dots are those baby blue and pink colors that portray simplicity and purity of costumes.

Different asymmetrical outerwears, baby toy prints, and extensive careless fabrics, recreated in stylish photoshoot done for the lookbook by Gregory Regini.

I would continue talking about “Bebe” ss/15 endlessly, its diversity and airiness is beyond limits, so I will just let the crafts talk for themselves.




At the end of our brief overview of RiaKeburia’s world it is necessary to present her interview which was done for our magazine.


– Who is RiaKeburia?

Its Me, I Changed the first Letter from Lia to Ria. It was a coincidence, whicle studying Japaneese alphabete I realised that L equals to R and my name suddenly changed into Ria. I liked that change.

– What kind of association do you have while looking at your clothing?

There is no association its more like the realisation of your final work, something you love something you fell like should have been done better. Always critical to myself.

 – Do you think it’s hard to be natural while being a designer?

Well, I can’t call myself a designer, because I follow the story and story pours into the shape and the fabric. I do not follow a trend, I don’t see them, even avoid them. Mostly my intuition never lies to me.

– How the inspiration came to you while working on a new collection?

It can suddenly when I thought of myself as being a kid- entering to the baby world entirely- seeing the gender difference and actually that point of the period of life where we look all similar and wear all the same clothes, only distinguishable by color.

– From my side it looks that you are that kind of person who prefers to be free, did it affect your working mode ?

Freedom is a very vague ward. May be a look easy and careless – everything is comparative of course; my careless attitude towards the life stereotypes really fulfills my creative world. Yes I’m a dreamy one that’s true, but I dream to be freer.

– What kind of feeling did you have when you finished working on it? Was it like “Relieved”?

No, never. Always in the hesitation ofdividing the collection into commercial and show. On the show I breath I have possibility to demonstrate myself from outside, where in the show room I think about normality and numbers. Till the very last day I do adds and changes,

– For what type of people is your clothing made for?

Asian market, fashionista people, middle high class.

– Are you afraid that that the so called fashion society will not understand your collection as they should?

No never, I do portray myself on the stage, after words one can wear that according to their taste. I never do unwearable. It is wearable – with the question mark- WHERE? I always find the owner of my garment. Tastes differ and I’ve learn how to please almost all. The ones I like-of course.

– Which photo pops up in your mind when thinking about your collection?

Dimitry Shabalin, the chief editor of Numero Russia, This boy became the icon of this collection. Baby, sweet and extremely handsome.

– Which character of your favorite movie would you like to dress up from your new collection? (It might be a cartoon as well)

Never have the desire to dress up anybody, I love people coming and dressing up my story.

-What was the last best memory in this month?

Yesterday, I got the letter saying that Anna de la Russo ordered our collaboration with Fakoshima sunglasses for the February Japan Vogue Issue. I was stunned.


Author: Anano Maisuradze









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