Project: Beauty Salon “Sakurami” 

Designer: Zviad Surguladze/Surgula

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Total Area: 270 sq.m

Photo: Mariam Sitchinava


Beauty in the tasteful setting, I think, is formed more freely. The interior of “Sakurami” created by a designer – Zviad Surguladze definitely inspires us to create something new and sophisticated. It is particularly fascinating due to its structure, color, texture, and many other details. For instance, the shelves are assembled based on modular system and therefore they are adjustable if needed. Consequently, the interior is constantly variable and alive. It does not look like any other branches of “Sakurami” chain. IDAAF questioned the author of this project.

What was the main principle for selecting this material and why is the concept so different for this function?

“I tried to create a simple, yet elegant and stylish interior. I only used some of my favourite materials and colours not to make it too overloaded. These materials are: existent and artificial concrete, which highlight monumentality of the interior; Decorative and functional wooden vertical planes, which make the interior livelier; white walls and elements of black metal constructivism”.



Out of all the presented furniture and objects, we were most interested in the mirror. Its construction is simple and extraordinary, the geometry is equally captivating. The fact that it has mirror surface on both sides is to make the maximum use of the space, isn’t it?

“I often use my own products in my interior, which are made exclusively and are not for mass-production. The “Standing Mirror” was designed by me in 2012 and I used it in this space as well, because it was suitable both in terms of theme as well as function. It is double-sided and is outstanding due to its simple metal construction, which represents a frame broken in two distinct directions and this is exactly what keeps it balanced so that it stands still. I would also like to point out a bench – Barcelona Wood. It was designed in 2014, its shape is also simple and it adds up elegancy to the whole interior, it is made of natural wood and yellow metal”.



In the project interior the attitude towards hallway and bathrooms is pretty thought-provoking. They are being worked on in the same way as the main spaces, which makes the whole design even more invaluable.

You can find more of ZviadSurguladze’s works here:



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

English edit: Nutsa Namoradze







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