Interior Design: Nuka Korinteli

Location: Batumi, Georgia,

Initiators: Paata Bejanidze, Nino Bejanidze, Mari Bolkvadze

Supervision of works held by Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection

Total area: 247 m2

Year: 2014

Photography by: Sereley



There are some fragments of time in lives of port cities, when they develop extremely fast. In case of Batumi one of such periods was the end of XIX century. The city used to be the host for many open-minded people of that time and part of this mind was kept by the city for itself. The book shop and the building located on Mariinsky Avenue, in which it lives since 1901 is the part of these remains.

The interior made up by mixing of Modernism and Traditional styles used to bean interesting place for Shalyapin, Yesenin, Gorky, Galaktion, Dumbadze and many other book lovers. The book shop celebrated the 110 year anniversary in 2011, so at this remarkable date JSC “Achartsigni” and “BK Project” decided to establish a modern literary salon. It is restored almost without changes. The part above entrance on main facade is renovated. Anyway, it does not lose its style. One of the reasons of this, is that even the font for signage was chosen very carefully. One more advantage of the interior is the two leveled structure. Each table placed in the mezzanine by the book shelves is a cozy micro world. The unique patterned “Rothschild” black and white tiling is preserved as precious component. In the very beginning, there has been made a weird trick of placing wooden furniture with traditional ornaments into space of Modernism, which surely looks like an interesting one.

Idaaf had a chance to talk to the author of the interior design Nuka Korinteli:

“The idea of the project was to keep the authentic part of this place as much as possible. The aim was, to create the new design the way that it had not dominate on the old one, but in opposite to this it had to fit the latter. It had to underline the beauty of old refined stone floor, wooden book shelves and counters so well known for Batumi inhabitants. Some part of them was reassembled into bar. The book shelves were moved into the mezzanine. None of these changes affects the aura, which has been in the shop before. It was decided to choose the new details maximally light and natural, not to make the space depressive and for creating of cozy atmosphere.

The small recessed rooms attached to the master hall, which have been used as a shop storage, were integrated with the main space. There were installed the mirrors on the walls opposite to entrance of this kind of rooms. They reflect the movement and light coming inside from the street – it is some kind of window imitation, which brings more dynamic and air into these small spaces.”

One of the new details of design is a black metal railing installed around perimeter of mezzanine. It has an additional function of stair holder in a specific segment of its full length. Though the railing is an absolutely modern insert, it does not make an impression of something from other world and with a help of its simple shape it seems to look like an inalienable component of interior.

It’s very interesting, that the authors took special care of greenery. The plants are divided logically by their sorts. There are placed Citrus trees in the areas with more sunshine, Fern bushes and Ficus in the depth of the hall.

Nowadays it is possible to buy archaeological souvenirs, listen to good music and try different cuisines in this beautiful salon.





Authors: Tata Alkhazashvili





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