Project: Barber Shop

Location: G. Akhvlediani str. Tbilisi

Area: 100 sq.m

Year: 2018

Status: Completed

Team: Nanuka Zaalishvili, Rezi Kratsashvili, Ani Tsikoridze

Concept: Different shades of Green meet details of XIX Century Tbilisi interior, Soviet design and modern furniture.

The Barbershop is located in a XIX century building which is very stylish for Tbilisi architecture in that period. The high ceilings and angular openings on the wall make this place feel elegant. The first stages of the design were to completely clean the interior from unnecessary and late added details and return it to its original phase. The ceiling and walls were preserved in an authentic manner where the Soviet time lights were arranged. Large mirrors, green colored wall panels at 1-meter height and metal pots with plants were arranged on the walls. The counter is made from the doors from the XX century’s Tbilisian interior and the green and black colored tiles were placed on the floor in a chessboard style.

It should be noted that the concept of the design was completely built on the idea to create a non-standard designed barbershop, different from the characteristic design, and to use more natural colors and eclectic details.

As a result, we got an interior where the tired men of the everyday fast and stressed life are able to relax in comfortable chairs, surrounded by plants and different shades of green.



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