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ჟურნალისტის ვაკანსია იდააფში

ინტერნეტ გამოცემა ‘იდააფი’ აცხადებს ვაკანსიას ჟურნალისტის პოზიციაზე. განაკვეთი: ნახევარი/დისტანციური მოვალეობები: არქიტექტურის, დიზინისა და ხელოვნების სფეროებში წინასწარ განსაზღვრული თემების მიხედვით სტატიების მომზადება და გამოსაქვეყნებლად დამუშავება. (მოვალეობები დეტალურად განიხილება შეჩეულ კანდიდატთან) აუცილებელი მოთხოვნები: ამ სფეროში მუშაობის გამოცდილება; ინგლისური ენა. ანაზღაურება: შერჩეულ კანდიდატთან განიხილება ინდივიდუალურად.   გამოაგზავნეთ თქვენი CV და სტატია, ან გამოწვეყნებული სტატიის ლინკებიზე. (დავუკავშირდებით მხოლოდ […]

Stipfold - Nikozi Art Palace

Nikozi Art Palace Competition – Stipfold

Text is provided from the architects: “What is the purpose of art in this case? What can we propose opposite the occupation? Our response is progress. We considered the context and went with a completely contemporary design, as we wanted to deliver the message loudly and spread it widely. We perceived the Art Palace as […]


VILLA KO – MUA | Nino Nozadze

Location:  Tskneti, Georgia Project Year:  2018 Architecture: MUA Interior Design: Nino Nozadze Landscape Design: Tatuka Japaridze Photo: Louisa Chalatashvili   From the architects: “This generous villa is situated In Tskneti, a little town just up the hill from Tbilisi, within 8 kilometers. Taking inspiration from Louis Kahn’s “servant Served” concept, we approached the project creatively, […]

2_About Architecture_Nikozi 2nd prize

Nikozi Art Palace Competition – About Architecture – 2nd Place

From the architects: “Nikozi is an ancient Georgian village located near the border of the Russian-occupied South Ossetia, where the Russo-Georgian war took place in August 2008. The echo of the war is still present here and affects the spirit of the place. The residential houses in this settlement are planned around several historical monuments, […]

Maia Naveriani- New Wave Tourist' (2)

‘New Wave Tourist’ – Maia Naveriani

Gallery Artbeat is presenting Maia Naverian’s solo exhibition: ‘New Wave Tourist’. ‘The tourist – an image of a leisurely traveler, a curious adventurer and a wanderer always appealed to me and often occurred in many of my works. And now, locked up in isolation, with no possibility of travel, the term ‘tourism’ has become even […]


The winners of the Nikozi Art Palace architectural competition have been announced

The winners of the Nikozi Art Palace architectural competition have been announced. *The full text is available in Georgian language.    First Place Team: IAMAC Alexander Zviadauri, Sukha Zviadauri, Giorgi Chikovani, Lado Afanasiev   Second Place Team: About Architecture Vano Ksnelashvili, Nika Maisuradze, Anastasia Nikitina   Third/Fourth Place David Avalishvili   Third/Fourth Place Team: DMARK Alexander […]

Andro Eradze Mouth of Darkness (4)

Mouth of Darkness – Andro Eradze

‘His vision, from the constantly passing bars, has grown so weary that it cannot hold anything else. It seems to him there are a thousand bars; and behind the bars, no world. As he paces in cramped circles, over and over, the movement of his powerful soft strides is like a ritual dance around a […]

Photo: Studio + -

Apartment at Hippodrome by Studio + –

Project: Apartment Interior Design Design: Studio + – (Nato Bagrationi, Elisabeth Zautashvili) Space: 150 m² Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Year: 2014-2018   From the authors: “This is an Interior Design Project, on which we worked for several years. Because we had more time on our hands, the working process itself developed more creatively. The client’s approach to […]

Photo: Tornike Aivazishvili

Chair 1+1 by Sandro Lominashvili

  Product Name: Chair 1+1 Dimensions: H750; W500; D495 Material: Fiberglass Year: 2020 Georgian designer Sandro Lominashvili introduced his new work “Chair 1+1” to public. Sandro is known with his interesting and conceptual approach towards the design and especially his aim to contribute creative chairs to the modern design industry. From the author: “In Chair […]

Kvareli Lake Resort  Lobby by Nino Chubika

Kvareli Lake Resort Lobby Interior by Nino Chubika

The Georgian designer Nino Chubika, best known for her magical sculptures in clay and her fashion design, has just finished her first interior design project, and she brought her sculptor’s eyes and love of the texture of clay to it. Her client was Kvareli Lake Resort Hotel in Kakheti. A red clay wall,  with her […]

The funeral. 2019

Tamar Nadiradze – Interview About People, Watercolor and Influences

Note: Article is available on in Georgian.    

Element Furniture - Nana Zaalishvili


Architect: Nana Zaalishvili | IDAAF Architects Dimentions: 75x25x55 cm – 205x20x55 cm Materials: Oak Wood, Chestnut Wood, Diabazi Stone, Bazalti Stone. Year: 2019 Inspiration: Giorgi Chakhava’s ‘Construction Element’ ONE SHAPE, VARIOUS MATERIALS AND FURNITURE WITH THE DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS Element Furniture was inspired by Giorgi Chakhava’s ‘Construction Element’ (1981) and by the idea that this invention does not stay only in the Soviet past […]

Mental Health Mobile Pavilion Presentation

Mental Health Mobile Pavilion Presentation

Project Idea: Elene Koridze; Tamta Chelidze Pavilion Design: Tezi Gabunia Video: Nikoloz Kapanadze Graphic Design: Gvanca Gabunia Architect: Levan Mirianashvili Engineer: Kaxaber Mekoshkishvili Text: Keti Kereselidze, Eka Dvalishvili, Nino Imerlishvili On October 10th, World’s Mental Health Day, the organisation MHMA presented their first project – MENTAL HEALTH MOBILE PAVILION – which took place in Fabrika. […]

Coffee Production Plant - Khmaladze Architects

Coffee Production Plant “Meama” by Khmaladze Architects

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Type: Coffee Factory and Headquarters Area: 10 500 sq.m Status: Under construction Year: 2016 – ongoing From the Author: “Located on a highway connecting city to the airport, the site is sparsely developed. Surrounded with fields and pine trees the project houses coffee production plant, its offices, coffee tasting and small coffee exhibits. Inside, […]

Zviad Gamsakhurdia Presidential Library and Youth Center

Zviad Gamsakhurdia Presidential Library and Youth Center

Project Authors: T-Architects In collabortaion with Nikoloz Maisuradze, Davit Tsanava Location: Zugdidi, Georgia Area: 1500 m2 Project Team: Giorgi Inasaridze, Levan Mirianashvili, Mikheil Maglakelidze, George Tavidashvili Status: Competition (First Prize) Client: Municipal Development Fund Budget: 5 Million Gel The project area is located in the center of Zugdidi, near the Dadiani Palace. The building reflects the […]

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