Technologies became an inseparable part of our daily life and its sensible usage contributes development of positive sides of human being. Line Architects,Tornike Chelidze has presented a 3D model of product, named: “Audio Chair”. This design project makes the mentioned connection more clear. The concept of the latter is a combination of comfortable chair with speakers and a possibility of phone or other gadgets’ charging. The wooden chair is shaped by the moderately curvy and soft outline.The dimensions of Audio Chair are following – 700X700X995 mm. Besides the technological inserts on the bottom of the chair you can find an open shelf type storage for books, magazines, CDs and etc.

As Tornike says to idaaf, “Audio Chair” is a personal item and it also requires a privat space. The author has a plan to move his 3D model from a virtual to a real space in the nearest future.

“A line can be simple, short, infinite, thick, light, curved, harmonious in a complex environment, disturbing in a well-balanced gearing… A line can guide the imagination to limitless borders and trigger passionate arguments, before finally setting in mutual agreement and respect. A line starts poetry in a chaos…”



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Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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