Wavelength ~ 570 – 590nm

Frequency ~ 525 – 505THz

YELLOW is the Sun, YELLOW is the submarine, YELLOW is fall, YELLOW is Vincent van Gogh, Sponge Bob is YELLOW, egg yolk is YELLOW and many other amusing, tasty and attractive things in the world are YELLOW. This is a color of optimism and joy.

Lots of warning signs are YELLOW, especially the ones which indicate caution. YELLOW is the brightest color from all spectrum. It is often used in advertisements because of its high visibility.

YELLOW – esteemed color of gold. It has a deep cultural meaning in Chinese civilization. It is a color of happiness, wisdom and glory. It’s an interesting fact that in China they have five directions of the compass, four of them traditional – north, south, east, west and the fifth – middle. Each of them has a symbolic color and the middle is YELLOW. YELLOW is an imperial color!

At the same time it’s associated with betray and gossips, like YELLOW press. Anyway, this is a color which is attractive and awakes an interest and curiosity.

Let’s see now how YELLOW is used in architecture. As it was already mentioned above it stimulates positive feelings, so this is why it is often used in spaces for kids and other social and common areas which are oriented to support a positive and lively mood.


Tbilisi Opera and Ballet House

Architect: Giovanni Scudieri

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Year: 1851

Tbilisi Opera House is a typical Moorish style architecture. The color of YELLOW is also a common part of this direction in art and architecture. The building should look rich, ceremonial and majestically. Combination of big number of decorative elements with different scale and of course the YELLOW colour performs this effect. We should also mention, that for the period when the building had been built it was one of the highest structure in the city, so you can imagine how gorgeous it had looked.



Enzo Ferrari Museum

Architects: Future Systems

Location: Modena, Italy

Year: 2012

Photo by: Andrea Morgante

YELLOW is a traditional color for racing cars and Ferrari’s corporate sign. There is no need to look for some deep reasons for using it in this project. The volume of the new building takes into consideration an existence of an old museum block. YELLOW roofing looks even more distinguish in such surrounding. Skylights look like car design details. Interesting collaboration of forms.



The Yellow Diamond

Building Use: Shop, Office, Hall

Architects: Jun Mitsui & Associates Architects + Unsangdong Architects

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Total floor area: 4,316.9 m2
Project Year: 2010
Photo by: E-Jae-seong, Shinkenchiku

The Yellow Diamond is tightly surrounded by lots of colorless buildings. Thus it makes it more attractive for an observer’s eyes. The location of the building on the cross spot of the streets is also an advantage of this structure. YELLOW glazing is rarely used for facades, but in this case the color of the sun makes the Diamond look like a clot of energy.



Falcon Headquarters

Building Use: Commercial, Office

Architects: RojkindArquitectos

Location: San Angel, Mexico

Project Year: 2004

Photo by:Gudio Torres

Falcon is a company which produces medical instruments and equipment. YELLOW headquarters building is not typical for this function at all. Layer of YELLOW panels creates a shade inside the space, plus they develop a comfortable atmosphere for clients and employees. The warmth of YELLOW is sensibly used. There is a filling that the surrounding greenery comes into the interior itself, as all perimeter spaces are designed like an orangery.



Appartement Spectral

Architects: BETILLON / DORVAL‐BORY Location: Paris, France

Area: 20 m2
Year: 2013

This apartment is a non-ordinary sample of YELLOW’s use. Here we can’t find any material which is YELLOW itself. The light used for this small studio makes it such outstanding and YELLOW. There is a lack of natural light in the space and this is why designer have used YELLOW light from all spectrum of light sources. White interior converts into a warm home with a help of particular areas lightened by YELLOW. There are different modes of intensity and this is wonderful how one space transforms with a help of light.



Eskenazi Hospital Parking

Architect: Los Angeles’ Urbana Studio

Location: USA Indianapolis, Indiana

Year: 2014

Photo source: www.fubiz.net


Parking is my favorite YELLOW building at the present day, though there is only front active YELLOW façade. YELLOW makes this building with a common function an individual piece of good architecture. The other benefit of structure is a transforming façade. It’s formed with the help of 7000 angled metal panels, which have a different color from both sides. This is why, depending on the angle of view the look of building changes. Combination of YELLOW with blue, makes it more eye-catching and fascinating. Hospital is a place for suffering people, but it’s also the place of treatment.







Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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