Wavelength ~ 495 – 570nm

Frequency ~ 575 – 525THz


When we mention “Green Architecture”, associations, which arise, are much more diverse than just a representation of green-colored facades. Nowadays it mostly subsumes sustainable architecture and plant-encrusted buildings. Green is one of the most interesting architectural colors with its life-giving ability and a habit of instantly grabbing attention. In this article you will not come across buildings completely buried in green plants, however we will talk about those exceptional ones, authors of which assigned the green colour a completely new attraction and distinctive style. Here you will meet structures of varied scales, which will tell you – I’m the green you were looking for.


Juniper House

Architects: Murman Arkitekter
Location: Katthammarsvik, Sweden
Year: 2007
Photo by: Åke E-son Lindman, Courtesy of Hans Murman, GöranUhlin

The Juniper House is a reflection of the surrounding landscape, though no mirrors are used. The color of GREEN is presented as an image of existing greenery printed on the net-vinyl cloth. GREEN cover is the outer layer of the facade and from the interior side it looks half transparent. The junipers are evergreen plants,so the house wrapped into GREEN looks like an integral part of meadow and forest panorama throughout the whole year.



Public Toilet in Uster

Architects: Gramazio & Kohler
Location: Uster, Switzerland
Year: 2011

Public toilets has never been so attractive. This time the GREEN color turns the aluminum folded strips into something extraordinary. As you could notice the surrounding of the toilet is quite boring, the buildings are colorless, to say it in easy way – nothing special. Nevertheless the toilet brings a lively mood with a help of its variable GREEN façade, which changes the shades depending on sunlight and angle to observer’s location.



Lounge ms


Location: Navarra, Spain

Year: 2007


The GREEN look of the lounge is formed with a help of the vertical tubes, which have been manufactured using recycled material. The multi-toned GREEN cover allows the day light to sneak inside the interior, creating an event space where guests feel like they are spending time in a bamboo forest.At the same time this trick with light brings some more patterned green surfaces inside the lounge. The play of various shades of GREEN and the tubed structure of the facade makes it closer to the natural environment around the building plot. Interior is also filled with GREEN, it is presented here as a transparent glass GREEN, GREEN flooring and many other varieties of GREEN. Nevertheless, the balance is kept well with a help of soft neutral background tones.





Architects: SOMOSarquitectos

Location: Madrid, Spain

Area:14 934m2

Year: 2006-2009


The block apartment, which has been awarded several times for its good planning and visual aesthetics, catches the eye with its greenness. At the moment the color of the building makes a big contrast with surrounding, but as soon as the plants grow bigger it turns into their organic visual extension. The solid part of façade, as well as the openings on it, is made up with a help of celled system of green polycarbonate panels. Biggest part of materials used in project are the sustainable and recyclable product.



The GREEN colored materials are rarely used in architecture and it is logical, as it is possible to add green to project in different ways – using plants, landscape view framed by window or other. Green is the color between blue and yellow, this is why it unites all meanings of those two in itself. GREEN – is life, evolution, development. GREEN is the color of nature and planet defenders, though it is often associated with money and emotions related with it. Green is the national color of Ireland. Green color is a color of war together with red in western culture. It is a color of army, as the uniform colored green provides a good camouflage. Green unites coolness and warmth in itself. It is a very stable and harmonic color. Different tones of green are used to create a mood and feeling of spring.

GREEN always says – go ahead!



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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