Wavelength ~ 450 – 495nm

Frequency ~ 670 – 610THz

BLUE is everywhere. The color of the sky and sea is a color of air and water. Even more simply, it can be said – BLUE is a cold color of warm life. This is why BLUE is one of the most mysterious colors from all spectrum. It has many different meanings starting from ancient world – “wealth”, ending with modern society – “corporate color” and lots of them in between.

While thinking about BLUE one of the first things you can remember is Blues, music which softly expresses melancholy. It’s usual to use blue in bedroom interiors as it feelscalm like Blues, but it’s also very important not to overuse it because in this case the feeling of calmness may become sadness.

One of the main symbolic meaning of BLUE is stability and conservatism. This is the reason why it is a regular color for uniform. Though it sounds boring, at the same time BLUE clothes can look quite attractive. The different shades of BLUE are often chosen by business people for creating an impression of a confident and representative person. At the same time the most casual fabric – jeans is BLUE. So, this is the way BLUE is, it’s simply various.

Usually when someone says BLUE architecture, there comes a picture of a glazed building to our minds. Not to be too simple we decided not to include any of “glass” buildings into our article. BLUE is much more than just a transparent and light glass. BLUE can be massive, joyful, tricky, shiny, glossy … BLUE is the favorite color of most people.


The Sulfur Baths of Tbilisi/Chreli Abano

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

XVIII Century

The healthiest architecture in Tbilisi is BLUE. To be more exact – Persian BLUE. The sulfur baths in the oldest part of the city were built under the strong influence of culture and traditional architectural style of Iran. In this culture BLUE is a symbol of immortality. The main façade of the building is decorated with different shades of BLUE mosaic pattern. Now the careful renovation works of interior and exterior of the building is ongoing. Soon the beauty of pure BLUE will please our eye again.


Didden Village

Architects: MVRDV

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Year: 2006

Sky BLUE crown of monument building is one of the most unusual architectural projects which was designed for Didden family. It is totally different from surrounding houses and environment and therefor outstanding and eye-catching. The BLUE of roof-top leaving space with a big terrace makes a huge contrast with soft brick color, but at the same time it looks like the beginning of the sky, especially when it’s clear from clouds. The BLUE color is used as a dominant in exterior. It underlines the sharpness of volume shape. As for interior, there is no BLUE finishing used at all, but the color softly comes inside through the panoramic windows and doors. Lively atmosphere has been brought by BLUE in the sleeping district of Rotterdam.


Wanangkura Stadium

Architects: ARM Architecture

Location: Port Hedland, Australia

Year: 2013

Stadium is a function which makes you think about a high-technology and interesting structure, but not a colorful architecture. Wanangkura Stadium is a total opposite of such understanding of sports building. BLUE wave is formed by combining of cubes. The structure design concept is linked to cyclones that are seasonally covering the flat landscape of deserted area. The important detail is that the main transport type here is through air, plus there is a lot of space around the building, so from such big distances the pixelated BLUE façade seems solid. BLUE is an excellent exterior color with its shininess, but not for interior of such space. It would push too much on people inside the building. The architects have chosen the warm orange as a dominant for interior. Anyway, the glowing BLUE made the stadium an icon.


Wendy Pavilion

Architects: HWKN

Location: New York, USA

Year: 2012

Photography by: HKWN, Jessy Anne, Micheal Moran

High-tech BLUE, this is the kind of Wendy’s BLUE. Pavilion is built up by scaffolding and PVC based fabric, which cleans air of pollution with a help of newest technology. The design is attractive with its simplicity of components and sharp blown shape. BLUE color is one more benefit. Big, spiky and BLUE Wendy works to clear the air while blasting out cool mist and music. The aim of creating an ecological and at the same time fascinating pavilion for making people curious to come close and even more to go inside is reached with an inviting color of BLUE.



Koncerthuset/DR Concert Hall

Architect: Jean Nouvel

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Year: 2009

Photography by: Mike Dugenio Hansen,seier+seier and Wojtek Gurak

Jean Nouvel is an architect who definitely knows what the power of color is. BLUE textile façade of DR Concert hall is a giant screen. The building is alive from inside and outside, all processes happening in the inner world of hall interior can be felt and seen on façade during the night. Dynamic BLUE transforms a usualsoft BLUE cube into a moving structure. Simple BLUE skin covers the complicated heart of the hall. The building was designed to be the outstanding piece of architecture for this part of the city. Combination of simplicity and complexity brought to the required result.



Speedmark Headquarters

Architects:  Joe Ho Design Limited

Location: Hong Kong, China

Year: 2013

Photography by: Dick Liu, Ray Lau

In the interior of Speedmark headquarters leading theme is a BLUE container. The idea is simple and concept clear. BLUE ceiling and other surfaces are reflected in corrugated metal walls, so there appears more varieties of the color. Though there is a lot of BLUE used, it is allocated all over the area quite carefully. Some spaces are just decorated with BLUE accessories. The interior is calm and full of BLUE energy.


We live on a BLUE planet, so how can it not to be an equally beloved color for all ages, genders and cultures.



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili




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