Absence of Color

Absorbs light – no frequency and wave

As it was already mentioned above, black objects absorb light and do not reflect any of it. We can even say it is not a color at all, but the absence of the latter. BLACK is the most mysterious from the whole spectrum. This is caused by its relation and association with darkness. For modern people, BLACK is the color of evil power – death, mourning, negativity, anger, unhappiness. In some of the ancient civilizations it has an opposite meaning – wealth, health, prosperity, age and wisdom. Anyhow, the color of BLACK is a strong symbol. Besides, it can be named as by far the most delicate, refined and elegant tone, which can be used for clothing or any art related with fabric. BLACK Architecture is various, as well as the expressions and feelings caused by it. This is a color which can easily be combined with any other tone. This flexibility can be explained by the nature of BLACK itself – no need to compete with others, no need to fight for being seen. The feature of light absorption, gives it a possibility to be at the same level of a perception with any other tone. From the other side, BLACK can be an excellent background.You can find several samples, of how the BLACK color and its power can be used in architecture, below.


American Radiator Building / Bryant Park Hotel

Author: Raymond Hood and John Howells

Sculptor: Rene Paul Chambellan

Location: New York, USA

Year: 1924

Photo by: James Maher


This building is one of the first skyscrapers in New York. BLACK breaks the rules. Traditionally light-colored high buildings became an accompaniment to the individuality of BLACK structure. The architects combined gothic and modern styles in the design. BLACK brick and marble was also used for symbolizing of coal. Nowadays American Radiator Building has changed the function and name, but the solidity of BLACK still remains the dignity for an easily recognizable skyscraper.




House in Balsthal

Author: Paskal Flammer
Location: Balsthal, Switzerland
Year: 2013
Photo by: IoanaMarinescu

The house is an excellent combination of BLACK timber exterior and soft wooden interior. The surrounding is totally green. The house is placed on the foot of the mountain, the edge of the forest. Dominating BLACK roof of the house is designed moderately and reservedly. All lines are laconic and precise. It looks like the BLACK house has always been the part of this corner of nature.




Tbilisi Prosecutors Office

Author: Architects of invention

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Year: 2012

Photo by:  Courtesy of Architects of Invention


Glossy BLACK multilayered structure, framed with a uniting contour is adequate to the function of the building. Location on the highway gave the project team an opportunity to design an attractive BLACK volume, which cannot be ignored even if you pass it on a high speed. The voids left between the frame and inside glazed shapes together with their level difference forms the full image of Prosecutors Office.




The Suit Convention Hall

Author: AnL Studio

Location: Guangzhou, China

Year: 2013

Photo by: Courtesy of AnLstudio


BLACK interior of The Suit Convention Hall becomes a background for any type of event held inside the space. It easily transforms according to the requirements needed for creating of exact atmosphere, needed to present any product. Lighting modes can radically change the BLACK color to the preferable. At the same time BLACK ceiling united with walls remains an individual object of art.




Interims Audimax

Authot: DeubzerKönig + Rimmel Architects

Location: Munich, Germany

Year: 2011

Photo by: Henning Köpke


Temporary BLACK building. The only sample of curved architecture in this article. Hall is a rectangular parallelepiped witha soft textured surfaces. There was one more reason together with visual attraction for choosing of BLACK as color for spruce planks, the wood is sensitive to the weather conditions and BLACK makes the process of aging less visible. The color of BLACK does not look boring and has particularly tricky texture.

Architects have begun to use BLACK not very long ago in their projects. Nevertheless, nowadays BLACK is presented with all its beauty in architecture.







Author: Tata alkhazashvili





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