Themes in Archibald’s works are various, but always related with events happening today. He’s area of interest is quite wide, he is curious about everything he can hear or see, or learn! The main source of his inspiration is what happens around him, posted in internet, shown by televisions, printed in papers. Leaving in such an interesting and unpredictable environment, in which we do, and not to be interested in what’s happening around you is unacceptable and incomprehensible.

His answers to idaaf’s questions confirm this attitude:

– Your works from several years back are calm by from and color, little by little they become sharper, more expressive and direct. Did you feel this change?

– It’s hard to talk about, whatever does not depend on me. I can’t control what I do today and what I will do in future. I would not distinguish and separate my work done 5 years ago from what I do now, so sharply. In my opinion, this is one big process that has not yet been completed.

What is Play series about?

– Play has got symbolic value. The first Play, I’ve drawn, was drafted with no big meaning. This was a striptease dancer. Soon after this I’ve opened my laptop and was surprised, do you remember how videos began to move themselves on Facebook? – this coincidence became the reason why Play has series today.

– Sex, religion, alcohol and drugs, and recently death takes quite a big space in your works, but all of it seams a bit cheerful to me. Should it be like this?

– I don’t think, that my works are cheerful, maybe they look joyful for others, but not for me. Basically, I draw the problems, where the joyful can be colors only. I am more of reacting on some events than just draw them. My main aim,  when I started this line of works two years ago and today, is being maximally understandable, not depending on how much acceptable or unacceptable it is for someone, the main goal is to be clear.



One Day series describes Archibald’s regular day, every day for 6 years. As the author notes, it could be considered as self-portrait.


You can find more of Archibald Kordzaia HERE



Author: Tata Alkhazashvili


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