ARCHessories is handmade jewelry and accessories by Elizabeth Zautashvili.

Elizabeth is an architect, so the name ARCHessories comes partly from this point, and partly because  that jewelry is made of the architectural details and materials.

Metal, leather, suede, glass and many more, these are the materials which the designer uses to achieve the desired results.

Elizabeth herself  thinks that her handmade accessories don’t belong to any particular style: – “I do not think that they necessarily belong to any style, perhaps they are more industrial and conceptual.” While creating new jewellery or some other stuff  She gives priority to that material and style, which she prefers at the moment.

Here’s everything made by herself  from jewellery to hats and tights. Design is not repeated, so that each owner can safely say that their accessories are unique.

Within ARCHessories line are integrated  several projects like collection of hats called  “Wear a Hair” and tights and socks  line “Celestica”.

ARCHessories has drawn lots of attention from the first day. Handmade accessories can be found both Georgia and abroad online shops. Elizabeth had already two solo exhibitions of her works.

At the moment Elizabeth continues to work and is preparing for the winter collection.

A short videos dedicated specially to her works:


You can find more info about  ARCHessories here:


Author: Tata Gachechiladze

Photo:  © Mariam Kalandarishvili




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