Project: Apartment Interior Design

Area: 135 M2

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Year: 2015-2017

Ukrainian design studio YØ DEZEEN has finished their first interior in Tbilisi. Studio was established in 2010 by Artem Zverev & Artur Sharf and since then have realized number of interesting projects around the world. Their style is distinguished by the combination of differential materials and expensive furniture.

The 135 m2 apartment is located in the capital of Georgia and consists of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and ancillary rooms. The concept of interior design includes a combination of concrete, brick, solid wood and soft classic furniture. Black colored kitchen makes contrast with beige sofa and armchairs in the brick walled living room.

Lighting is in warm colors. The brightness in the bedroom spreads through the high stained windows. In the bathroom black marble base is accented on which the white sink is placed. Interesting detail is the room dividing metal framed glasses, bringing the airiness in the spaces.

From the Author:

‘Tbilisi is a magnificent city surrounded with mountains overlooking the river Kura.

The local environment with it’s nature has strongly influenced us when developing interiors, where we widely applied elements related to Rustic style. All this factor predetermined the wide use of natural unfinished materials. Residence was completely furnished with furniture made of solid wood, that was also used as a major flooring material.

The furniture composition including pieces of classic shapes contrasts with shabby brick walls performing as a background. We have added a glamourous touch to the atmosphere by applying glance surfaces like partitions between bedroom and WC, kitchen facades. In fact, the entire interior represents an idea of balanced mixture of brutal and exquisite elements under ‘one roof’.




Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

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