Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Area: 61.5m2

Year: 2015

Photo: Mariam Sichinava


This one bedroom apartment has been designed by Zviad Surguadze with a rational allocation of the premises and usage of each square centimeter of entire area of it. The visual comfort has been provided by the author together with the functionality. Each room is contoured by exact borders, but at the same time the connection between them is free and logical. This interior has been created for the young man, who loves reading the books. The wish of the client was to have a plenty of shelving, which has been taken in account by the designer and moreover used as the main element of the décor in most of the spaces.



How did the client perceive such combination of the materials used?

The client had a certain budget for the project and gave me unlimited freedom from the point of view of style and materials within this budget. I’ve tried to create a simple, practical living environment, which could be implemented locally in Tbilisi. It must be mentioned, that everything in this interior was ordered and manufactured individually, except of the home appliances and sanitary equipment.

How did the multilevelled floor find its place in the bedroom, is there any storage space inside?

The bedroom was tight, because of the small area of the apartment and in case of placing a bed inside, there would not remain any free area at all. The space has dictated the location of the furniture itself, the floor surface was divided into two parts and one of them became the bed, which is levelled up by several stairs from the general floor layer. Due to this changes the possibility of storage space has been created.



One of the interesting details in the interior are the window shutters, which are not elements commonly used in the living space design, thus it makes it even more interesting. The sunlight seeping through the small openings in the window shutters converts into the moving and lively pattern on other surfaces of the room. It’s the leading element for creating a mood inside the space. The similar décor is repeated in other elements of the furniture as well.


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Author: Tata Alkhazashvili


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