Project: Apartment Interior Design

Design: Studio + – (Nato Bagrationi, Elisabeth Zautashvili)

Space: 150 m²

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Year: 2014-2018


From the authors:

“This is an Interior Design Project, on which we worked for several years. Because we had more time on our hands, the working process itself developed more creatively. The client’s approach to the project is noteworthy. We appreciate the customer’s trust in our vision, as we were able to actualize our idea to the fullest.

In the process, we spent a lot of time understanding the client’s desires, requirements and overall lifestyle. The source of our inspiration has become the environment (view) and the lighting itself, which is a distinctive feature of this apartment. 

One of our main goals during planning was to retain as much space as possible. Also, we aimed to keep the wonderful view opening towards the Hippodrome hill and at the same time, create an intimate space, where our customer would feel comfortable and at ease. The apartment already had a mullion transom facade from the initial plan, so we used oak flooring and light wood furniture, doors and door frames to balance the aluminum material. We painted part of the walls, columns and railings in light blue-green with a special technique, adding a sense of aliveness to the house, perfectly blending with plants and light wood furniture. 

The furniture in the living room is balanced. Here you can find rectangular shapes, as well as circular and square forms. The ceiling-high bookcases, visually enhance the room and make it spacious. The long and low comfortable sofa is fitted well with fixed glass windows. Throughout its length, it emphasizes the length of the room and makes the environment pompous. The furniture texture colours: sandy, beige and light faded yellow to create an overall calm mood in the apartment. Nato Bagrationi’s paintings from the series “Thoughts as Mountains”, specially created for this project, also compliment the atmosphere and bring colour into the interior more intensively. The low, amorphous and massive wooden table dominates the room, with a vintage chandelier on top, with outstretched branches pointing in different directions.

We wanted the kitchen, that was combined with the common space, to emerge like a capsule, so we faced the three walls, ceiling and floor with white square ceramic tiles, and arranged the furniture to create an airy and spacious feeling. Part of the furniture in this project is our own design work (bookshelves, dining table; bench; big table; bed; writing table; kitchen lights. In the hallway, we divided the frames of the wooden door into squares, the shape which is repeated by the bookshelves and the wall wardrobe with frosted glass doors, introducing elements of the Japanese wall aesthetic. Here, the floor is covered with dark coloured graphic-ornamental ceramic tiles, contrasting from the calm colours of the rest of the interior. 

Behind the north wall of the bedroom, we designed the walk-in closet, which allowed us to make the bedroom spacious and furniture-free. Using a high glass door, we illuminated the adjoining bathroom space of the bedroom with secondary lighting. Here we also used intensive ornamental ceramic tiles, creating contrast in the bedroom background.  As for the lighting, we mainly used warm light bulbs in a number of light sources, such as ceiling lights, torchiere floor lamps, allowing you to adjust the lighting manually.”


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