Anuka Tavartqiladze was born in 1984 in Tbilisi. She graduated from the Academy of Arts, Faculty of Architecture. In 2009 she took her Master’s degree at the Institute of Design in Florence and since 2010 she has been employed at “MosuliShvili & Partners”.

It is impossible to be an architect and at the same time not to be attracted by other kinds of design. This profession already means having links with this field in any project. Therefore, Anuka became interested in furniture design and created her first item in 2013 .

Once she started making the products, she encountered a lot of different problems characteristic to Georgian market characteristics. Firstly, she had to think how to obtain the materials necessary to create a well-designed item. She frequently has to order additional parts from abroad, which is associated with additional costs, thus the cost of the final product increases. In addition, the customer still prefers foreign products and do not yet realize the potential of Georgians designers. However, based on my observation, our designers are also improving their skills and creating a product that will compete with foreign products in the domestic market.

” In fact, design is an art , and therefore can be a source of inspiration for everything connected with art. Associations play a Major role in such cases. Contemporary design is often found in forms that are reminiscent of a variety of subjects from everyday life. Also it is interesting to interpret old designs in a modern way is happening in the old. Today’s consumers also enjoy a synthesis of old and new “, said Anuka in our conversation.

In 2014, she took part in two exhibitions: Olive Design’s “Concept Gallery” and “Made in Georgia” organised by “New Light “, where only the products of Georgian designers were on display.

In general, Georgian furniture , as a product , has been forming in our environment and it is already a very good news. The only thing left for us is to support the designers in order for them to create a lot of good work. So before you go to furniture stores and buy foreign products , think about the fact that people are making such products and often even much better quality. Pay a little more, but encourage development of this field . Order a new design and enjoy the local products .

” I can formulate a plan for the future in the following way: I want to be as productive in my work as  possible and create a quality product, not only for Georgian, but also foreign market ” , explains Anuka Tavartkiladze.


” Easel – Mirror “

Easel – Mirror is the thing, that transforms everyday space and shows it as an area for art. Person in front of the easel is not only performing daily routine , but also is a kind of artist .

Technical Description :  3 drawer for the accessories and cosmetics and the mirror with it’s lamp .

Material: Wood


” Fleur “

Fleur  is a multi-functional lighting.  It consists of a 360-degree rotating  pots for plants,  plates for the different things and lighter.

Material:  Metal, Plastic.


Gradient is Ceiling Lighting.

Materials: Wood, Colored plastic.



“ Hexagon“

Table Lamp

Material: Ceramic Glass, Colored MDF


Anuka’s works can be viewed on her Facebook page:


Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili

English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze




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