Designer Anuka Tavartkiladze offers customers new products, table stand mirrors. The materials used in her eight works are mdf, massive wood and wood sectioning. Compositions made of geometric forms and interesting texture make these mirrors interesting interior details. The author has so far worked on mirror designs and since she especially likes this material, this idea appeared in order to study them even more.

Who are the table mirrors for?

In the design field, functional design of the object as well as its visual side are equally important, so this product is to ensure that everyone will like it, and also for those who find it convenient. I, personally, imagine this mirror not only in private space, but also, say, optics shops.

What meaning does a mirror have in everyday life?

Nowadays, as always, people are trying to study themselves in the mirror, and this process is part of our daily routine. At any point in time a person needs to know how he/she looks, so I think a mirror is something most frequently used in everyday life, but as it is just a means to look at other things, it is itself often overlooked.


English Edit: Nutsa Namoradze




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