Author: Nikoloz Kapanadze

Curator: Nina Pataridze

Location: National Botanical Garden of Georgia, orangery

The installation, named “And Each Separate Dying Ember Wrought Its Ghost Upon The Floor”, has been presented by Nikoloz Kapanadze March 31st in orangery of Tbilisi botanical garden. The visual of installation is urban, the main part of it contains of grey “monolith” and a circle void framed by lighting.

From the author:

„Our city raises new environmental and visual disasters inside itself on daily bases, which slowly settles in the lungs and in the memory, and as a result finally becomes an integral part of it.  The city reflects clearly the processes ongoing inside it: its visual side shows out the social signs, which can be read by anyone interested.

According to the World Health Organization, Tbilisi is one of the most contaminated cities in the world due high level of uncontrolled construction, permanent cutting of trees, weak regulation on emission and the lack of recreational zones.

Sensors which daily define the level of air pollution, have been installed on 4 locations in Tbilisi. At the same time the art installation, visually interpreting the mentioned was presented in the botanical garden.

The sensors used in project are based onto the micro-controller: it contains the air quality measurement chips and GSM transmitters.

Sensors send the data from air in real time. The art installation placed in the botanical garden has the direct access to this data and it transforms according to the changes and variation of information received.”

The author of the project Nikoloz Kapanadze is a multimedia artist. Presently he lives and works in Berlin. He has graduated the faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Jacobs University, Bremen. Next the master degree in Digital Media, as a result the unity of these two fields made possible the creation of new type art works.




Find more about project following link below:


The project was implemented within the framework of the open competition of the organization “Propaganda”.

The project is supported by National Botanical Garden of Georgia.

Photo and video, courtesy of Nina Pataridze and Nikoloz Kapanadze


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