The young artist Luka Akimidze has presented the exhibition “Sea is the sun and the moon is the stone ALLISALI” in his own apartment interior, located in Kaklebi near Tbilisi. Different texture, size, interesting color and concept artworks have been placed in the minimalistic space, so the exposition has been simply perceived by observer. Luka was explaining the idea of each artwork in details to the guests, this is why the gist of the exhibition and the main content of it was easily understood by the addressee.

“It was about one and a half year ago when I wrote the poetry and after reading it, I thought, that I could not let anyone read it and I decided to create my alphabet for it, the meaning of which would be known for me only.  While working on the alphabet, I wrote some other pieces and thought  that they were even closer to the main idea for which probably the poetry searches itself. So, I realized that this process would continue endlessly, the new text would be found below any text, which would be closer to the bottom and I decided that my alphabet had to loos the meaning of the word. This was the form how I intended to talk and research the things which I did not know about, or would learn in understand in the future.” 



„The map of self-conscience“, which is directly implemented on the wall of interior, is the mutual project by Luka and his wife Nana Kalandadze. It contains more than 3000 hieroglyphs and each piece is unique. It does not have any matter from which point you start reading and what is the sequence you follow. As Luka says it can be named “The map of the prediction” too, as sometimes it happens in art so, that you paint something, but you still don’t understand the exact meaning of it. In future, in case the art work is a result of an honest emotion, it gains particular importance and meaning.”


He likes to work with clay and the scale lately.  About the scale, for instance the piece of ceramic, which does not really occupy the big space, holds the amount of the pigment which would be enough for an artist to work with for ten years. The interesting side of this is that the time dimension becomes abstract and compressed inside a small volume.


“These four symbols have a radically different meaning from the cultural point of view. The cross in this artwork has been taken as its initial meaning. The cycle of its light movement is presenter here.”


„I was 15, when it happened so, that I’ve closed inside and broke with everyone. That time I was doing nothing, neither writing nor drawing and in while seeking of the shelter I’ve started visiting the church. Instantly, the controversial thoughts came to my mind. I realized that I wear the cross for all my life, I knew the cross was the symbol, but I did not have any idea what was the meaning of the item, which I’ve been wearing for such a long time. Shortly, I did not like this as much, that I decided to find the clue myself. I’ve been studying the basics of geometry at the same time and I realized, that a cross was an intersection of two endless lines and I was the cross point of this two lines and the start point as well. My mother was sitting by my side, she was also wearing the cross and I understood that every other person and thing is the starting point of infinity, and here was that I saw the unity and value of the world. The understanding of this idea brought a huge relief to me, so I decided this had to happen again and after that I began to read, write, draw… I’ve gathered some of such  important stories lately and I intended to write a collection of short stories about them. After writing and reading of them I saw, that the abstract gist of these stories was lost in the words. I have written the continues of the story above it, then did it again and again, until the words filled themselves and the image and tension, which were the main in it, came out on front.

The materials and techniques use by Luka are various. As he says, some of the artworks create themselves. It might happen so, that at some exact moment you are not doing anything yourself, but with the help of oxidation, soaking, etc, the artwork is creating its look by the natural process.


„This artwork is the introduction of the next exhibition. I don’t like that the traditional Georgian spiral symbol is associated with bad daily subjects or rugby and I wish, and consider it important, that it gets back its mistrial face, which it had initially.”

The art presented at this exhibition is linked to the space, in which it has been created and now exists. Its goal is to present the order of his art to the visitors. The next two exhibitions are planned in the nearest future, as a summary – one cycle including three events. The following time, 21st of May it is planned to present the poetry.

“Art is the only space, where rust and gold can coexist with an equal value” – Luka Akimidze










Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

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