Aldo Rossi (1931-1997) is one of the most influential Italian architects of the second half of the twentieth century, but beyond that, few people know that he is a product designer, theorist and artist as well. Aldo Rossi is the author of a number of urban theories. He’s architectural style is poetical, light and laconic.Architectural critic Ada Huxtablec haracterized him as a poet who happened to be an architect.

His early works are mostly theoretical, and his early 20ies works are influenced by Italian modernism and Venetian classicism . His works reflect Italian surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico’s ideology.Some people consider Rossi as the new rationalist, some have even called his approach naive realism because of its simple shapes– cube, cone, box… however, this article doesn’t discuss the architectural creativity of Aldo Rossi. We would like to show you a different side of him.

Today’s Monday inspiration is Aldo Rossi, as a designer, who is the author of product design and a number of mass-production. His product designer work starts in 1980 when he decides to participate in the project of “Alessi”, “Tea & Coffee Piazza” . By this time, Aldo Rossi is one of the outstanding figure of the post-modernist architecture. After the competition he becomes interested in product design and starts working on a coffeemaker series. Aldo’s individual building style exposes well in his laconic and micro-architectural forms.

His most famous works areIl Conico and La Conica (1983), conical metal teapot and coffeemaker, which is kind of continuation of the “Alessi” project. These are Ross first mass-produced products that became eighties one of the top design symbol.

Model  9094  is used to filter coffee or tea. The product is designed for three plate.

The next one was La Cupola (1988)also one of the coffeemaker series, in this case, Rossi gets very close to the requirements and taste of the society. This coffeemaker is made from aluminum and to keep the temperature it has a thick aluminum base.La Cupola is designed to make Italian mocha.

After coffeemaker series comes clock design „Momento”, also wrist and the wall metal watches which were produced by “Ales”.

ARP Studio-carpets design belongs to Aldo Rossi, which stands out with is geometric, abstract forms. The designer made the choice on blue, red and yellow colors.

Aldo Rossi also woked in the furniture designMolteni, Up&Up და Unifor. His chair designs stand out with simple, geometric shapes.

Rossi’s basic design principe was unchanged, to considerate  the wishes of costumers.In 1990,he became the first Italian architect, who was awarded the Pritzker prize. He knew perfectly how to express abstraction with strict geometric and original forms. His iconic works, which has not lost its relevance is inspiration for many modern architects and designers.



Author: Tamta Jugashvili

English Edit: Ani Buchukuri





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