Adam Parker Smith is 36 years old artist based in New-York, who is known for his sculptures, installations and paintings. He received his BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz and his MFA from Tyler School of Art. His works were exhibited not only in the USA but internationally too.

Artist is very popular with his extraordinary, interesting artwork. He’s always in the spotlight and tries to repeat and show us human’s behaviour or event with his creations. They are simultaneously haunting, familiar and alien. These tragicomic installations are private, uncensored, darkly humoured and most often involve the direct participation of the viewer. They are populated with subjects and themes from author’s fears and longings, polluted with jealousy, obsessions, filth, crush and grace.

Artist’s eccentricity, that can be seen in his behaviour: he arranged one of the exhibitions with artworks borrowed without asking from his friends and colleagues. He was very nervous in the beginning, didn’t think he could “steal” from his friends/colleagues, but as we can see, he could manage it perfectly. He visited 90 of them in their studios, in 77 cases his plan was successful. One of the “victims” was his girlfriend too, Carolyn Salas, a sculptor who teaches at Yale. “Thief” was caught only once by a child. Artist contacted his friends and colleagues, told them about “stolen” works and asked them permission to exhibit them. With exhibition he wanted to show everyone how artists trust each other and how easy, simple and problem-free it is to steal an idea and that it’s inseparable part of their lives.

Adam Parker Smith continues to work and amaze viewers with original and memorable creations. His new artwork “crush” fits exactly in this category. He tries to give life to static picture, make it move in front of us. This is printed photo of a girl on canvas. There’s a human hair attached to girl’s head, which floats because of the fan near the canvas. We can agree, it’s not easy to forget this kind of artwork.



Author: Meri Khamkhadze




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