Series: concretelamps | polypropylene

Material: polypropylene | concrete

Year: 2015

Photo by: Nanu Giglemiani | Sandro Losaberidze


60watt and other works by Giorgi Magradze are not just a design products, their majority is a sculptural item. Though the latest products are more geometrical, each of them has its own individual nature. It can be said, that 60watt is an applied and commercial art project, which brings its individual wave into any space.

The latest works of 2015 Concretelamps and Polypropylene are united into one series. Same as the previously presented products, they are the result of one more experiment, like „Insect Lamps” for instance. In this case we can observe the combination of polypropylene pipes and concrete. The materials should not work together, but the result of unexpected set usage is evidently original.



Why did the direction of main line, which dictates the forms the main direction change so radically? We mean, the transition from organic and biological to the linear objects.

The first light units have been designed by me under the title of “insect lamps”, which were the extension of my kinetic and light sculptures, but this time they were more likely the design products. In the series of “insect lamps” there are interpreted the shapes of insect bodies. The conversion into 60watt has happened gradually with the aim to change the concept of my works to minimalistic. I’ve decided, I’d had to remove the extra details from my works and pay more attention to the material, which has given me the cue in many cases for the shapes of objects. Now, I intensively use the concrete.”



The lines of each lamp is dynamic. If combining them we get the doubled effect. “Polypropylene” is full of bright colors, the main role in this field is either on the body of object or the lamp light itself. “Concrete Lamps” is a different case, even though the structure is related, the material and its texture is a dominant here. The light is constantly warm.

“As for the goals of 60watt, I intend to continue work with light design, because it is not unusual to use it as a medium. It’s been several months, since I’ve started thinking about my brand, probably there will be added the furniture pieces and other interior accessories to it.”

Full portfolio by Giorgi Magradze, his new and old works can be found here and here.




Author: Tata Alkhazashvili

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