2015 is over and in IDAAF we looked at the major architectural events. In this article we present the most significant ones.


1. Company “SOCAR” raised historical building 3, 5 meters from the ground level. It should be noted that in the future building will be a hotel.

2. In Tbilisi the highest Millennium Hotel construction coming to an end.


3. Vere Valley announced as arecreation. “Framework Plan” winner is “Architectural Bureau”. According to the concept, an educational center, a sports complex, forest park, hiking trails and bike lanes will be located in the surrounding area.


4. Tbilisi general plan is approved. First place was taken by “City of the Future”, which includes  Georgian, German and French companies and organizations. City Hall will sign an agreement with the winner, under which, no later than 18 months, the company has a comprehensive land-use master plan to be present.


5. AXIS TOWERS is under the construction.

6. Vake Park still needs to defend. Investor of the hotel “Budapest” is preparing for the construction.

7. Gudiashvili square conservation project winner is ICOMOS Georgia national team.”Tiflis Hamqari” demands from the City Hall this project to be built exactly as it’s architectural project is.

8. Tbilisi City Hall presented “Panorama Tbilisi” project. Despite of the large-scale protests and rallies, Mayor’s Office still cut down trees in Mtatsminda and preparatory works are progress.

9. Sakdrisi, ancient Georgian gold ore is destroyed!

10. City Hall is preparing to build a new overpass on Pushkin Square. As a Mayor, David Narmania said, the project will unload traffic in this area, while skeptics believe, on the contrary, ugly overpass won’t fit into the traditional urban fabric and at the same time, more and more vehicles will attract traffic congestion.

11. Company “DeMarco” won Mirza Shafi Street Development architectural competition,but the results were big disappointment and so far the process is delayed.

12. In May Tbilisi City Hall, presented the concept of the development of the island in the river Mtkvari. However, the development of the project idea remains an idea and is suspended at this stage.

13. City of Batumi shares Architectural sketch of the new stadium. The author is Spanish company “Iberproex Engineering & Project Management”. Batumi “Dinamo” stadium is for 20 000 spectators and its completion is planned in 2017.

14. New Justice House is opened in beautiful Khazbegi. Architectural project belongs to MHD Group.



Author: Nanuka Zaalishvili





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